adorable mods by adore~


i post all my finished mods on my ko-fi/discord & google drive
i also post server exclusives on my lil discord!
if you have any questions feel free to join my discord~

lali-ho maid cafe

the first aether lalafell maid cafe is like an adorable slice of cake!~

services we offergilpopularity
cute menufrom 10k-15k♥♥♥
birthday cheer!free for bday~!♥♥♥
tea for two 1:150k for 15m♥♥♥
moe moe meal100k♥♥♥♥
maid polaroids60k♥♥♥♥♥

❥ location
we are open every sunday over at: aether
cactuar empyreum ward 8, plot 30 empyreum northeast
❥ hours in your tz:
(aest 8-11am monday) (est 6-9pm) (cst 5-8pm) (pst3-6pm)

i no longer take commissions as im too busy but if there's something you'd like to see in the game, or a creation of yours you'd like ported please join my discord and pop it in the #suggestion channel <3join by clicking this icon below~